Tik Tok Travel Trends for Today’s Traveler

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I enjoy Tik Tok because I can get quick clips of tutorials and ideas.  It’s an easy way to spark my creativity.  I love TikTokers like Jeff Mackay, Navagepatch,  The Traveling Textbook, Our Beautiful World, and Travel for Nerds.  The expose

According to Moneywise “The ‘travel’ hashtag on TikTok has almost 119 billion views with thousands of videos showcasing beautiful montages of overseas destinations.”  This what Titokers put out there

  1. Travel Hacks: TikTok users love sharing their travel hacks, which include tips for packing efficiently, finding cheap flights, scoring hotel upgrades, and navigating popular tourist destinations.
  2. Destination Guides: Many creators on TikTok create destination guides, showcasing the highlights, hidden gems, and must-visit spots in specific cities or countries. These videos often feature stunning visuals, local food recommendations, and unique experiences.
  3. Adventure Travel: TikTok has become a hub for adventure travel enthusiasts. You can find videos featuring thrilling activities such as hiking, skydiving, scuba diving, and other adrenaline-pumping adventures from around the world.
  4. Aesthetic Travel vlogs: Visual appeal is essential on TikTok, and many users create aesthetically pleasing travel vlogs. These videos often have well-curated shots, beautiful scenery, and catchy editing styles, offering a virtual journey for viewers.
  5. Travel Challenges: TikTok challenges are quite popular, and there have been travel-related challenges as well. These challenges range from dancing in iconic locations to showcasing specific travel-themed skills or activities.
  6. Food and Culinary Experiences: Food is a significant part of travel, and TikTok users love sharing their culinary experiences. From street food adventures to trying unique regional dishes, food-related content is widely shared on the platform.

According to Travel Daily Media,

1. Create an Instagrammable flight timelapse – 3.5 million TikTok likes
2. Utilize multi-carry luggage – 2.6 million TikTok likes
3. Claim money from being bumped- 1.7 million TikTok likes
4. Use your travel pillow for extra storage – 1.3 million TikTok likes
5. Source a suitcase approved by pilots – 1.3 million TikTok likes
6. Pack a pot noodle – 940,000 TikTok likes
7. Track flights in real-time – 830,000 TikTok likes
8. Buy points to get cheaper flights – 220,000 TikTok likes
9. Consider house-sitting – 220,000 TikTok likes
Should you have access to a window on your next flight, you could create a stunning timelapse of your journey thanks to this TikTok hack. Simply set your mobile to record a timelapse and secure it between the window and the blind to capture stunning views as you fly above the clouds. Remember, though, that it is CAA regulation to have blinds up during take-off and landing.
The next travel hack is simple yet effective. If you are traveling with children, there are a number of different luggage cases on the market designed to double up as seating for a young child. These include cases from MiaMily and Trunki. Your youngster can sit on the case and roll alongside you, saving you the effort of carrying them in your arms alongside managing all your luggage. These types of cases are also small and lightweight, which makes them eligible as a carry-on for most airlines.
In recent months, seat bumping has become a huge topic of conversation on TikTok, with the hashtag ‘overbooked flight’ accumulating over 20 million views.  Airlines will often strategically overbook plane seats to compensate for losses caused by passengers who may cancel at the last minute, miss a check-in, or simply not turn up. However, there are times when such plans fail and airlines are consequently faced with a surplus of passengers. The duty then falls upon the airline to determine who is bumped from their seat.
Primarily, passengers will be asked to voluntarily give up their seats, often in return for compensation. If there are not enough volunteers, the airline must decide which passengers to bump. Commonly, passengers that are bumped first are those that checked in the latest or did not pre-pay for an assigned seat. If you are seat bumped involuntarily the airline must also compensate you, something that many TikTok users were not previously aware of.
Additional luggage can often be expensive on many airlines, however, these same airlines typically won’t think twice about letting you board with a travel pillow. TikTok’ers have jumped on this and have started filling their pillows with additional luggage, meaning they can get extra luggage on their holiday without paying for more baggage. Today, the “pillow hack” is one of the most-searched travel trends on TikTok, with the hashtag amassing over 38.3 million views.
Shopping experts on TikTok have identified the suitcase that is seemingly loved by pilots across the world. With pilots continuously on the move, they require reliable and durable suitcases, and cases from Luggageworks are said to be the perfect fit.  An additional benefit is that offer luggage repair but at a pretty hefty price.  The repairs if not itemized begin at $199.00.
The nifty cases are designed to fit in all aircraft and they have numerous useful features, including a sturdy frame and a durable ballistic nylon cover. Despite being a firm favorite among pilots, savvy TikTokers have found that you don’t need a referral code or industry ID to buy them – anyone can pick one up.  However, you might want to think twice before investing in one of these cases, as they come with a hefty price tag.  Rolling bags are over $400.00.
If you want to enjoy a hot meal but aren’t so keen on the options offered by your airline, this next trending hack could be for you. The next time you fly, why not consider bringing aboard a pot of instant noodles? These are super cheap but are full of flavor, and if you ask nicely, your flight attendant will fill it up with boiling water for you. Alternatively, TikTokers have recommended purchasing a cup of boiling water from the airport in preparation for boarding.
iPhone users have a nifty trick up their sleeves when it comes to air travel. To try this one for yourself all you need is your airline name and flight number. Send these details in an iMessage to anyone in your contacts and let them track your flight. If the flight is active, the receiver will see a real-time tracking map.  By selecting “Preview Flight” the receiver will also be able to see your flights on-time status, departure and arrival times, duration, and gate and baggage claim information.
This is great for when you’re meeting someone on the other end, or giving family and friends peace of mind if you’re a frequent flier. Plus, it’s also pretty cool to track flights when you know someone aboard.
Air miles are reward points you can collect by traveling frequently with specific airlines. Air miles can be redeemed for flight upgrades or even free flights. What you might not know, however, is that you can actually buy more air miles. TikTokers have claimed that, in theory, buying enough points to warrant a free flight could be cheaper than purchasing that flight directly. For example, a £500 business class flight could be redeemable for free if you had 70,000 air miles. However, purchasing 70,000 air miles might only cost you £300, saving you £200 (about $.
Hotels and Airbnbs are often one of the most expensive parts of a holiday. But if you’re open to trying something different and inexpensive, why not consider ditching the hotels and house-sitting on your next trip? Thanks to TikTok, house-sitting is growing in popularity for 2023. And, today there are several websites that offer safe and reliable house-sitting services, including TrustedHousesitters.com, HouseSittersAmerica.com, and MindMyHouse.com, to name a few.
These sites offer house-sitting services in destinations all around the world. Whilst many of these sites require a subscription fee, it can still be much cheaper than alternative accommodation if you are looking to travel frequently. The best part is you get to experience a totally local and authentic living situation that the majority of tourists will never get.
I must admit that I have learned some useful information.  My advice is to be careful and do your research.  Sometimes the tips are based on hearsay and may cause some issues, so look the information up on trusted sites and verify the hint, tip, or hack!

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