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International Favorites

Philly Favorites

Bam Bam Kitchen: LA Galbi This is a non-BBQ Korean restaurant in that serves the most wonderful beef dish. I have for the most part eliminated beef from my diet but would gladly share this one! The food is wonderful, the service is excellent. Bam Bam’s LA Galbi is marinated prime ribs grilled in house special sauce. The beef is on the bone.  Even though this is a favorite there are a lot of other choices on the menu that are truly worth the try.

Kooma of King Of Prussia: Anything Sushi/Asian Fusion. This restaurant has rated one of Yelp’s top 100 in the Nation and with good reason. The food is fresh, well-prepared and you are able to track where your seafood comes from due to a QR code enable tracker. It’s hip without being pretentious and has a casual vibe to it. We took a tapas type of approach when my friends and I brunched there and the grilled octopus, the brussel sprout salad, the scallops, and the Samurai Roll.

Lucky’s Last Chance: Peanut Butter and Jelly Hamburger. PB & Bacon 3x Philadelphia Burger Brawl Winner!: Creamy peanut butter, American cheese, & bacon with a side of house made jelly. Unexpectedly delicious.

Marchiano’s Bakery: Specialty Breads
Pepper, Egg & Cheese: Cut bell peppers are spooned over freshly scrambled eggs and topped with our blend of natural cheeses. Baked to perfection, this traditional loaf adds the main ingredient to a delightful breakfast, brunch, or light supper $8.50

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