Abandoned Williamsburg Pottery

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I remember going to the Williamsburg Pottery years ago when it was behind the new Pottery strip mall area.  There were old buildings and a greenhouse with so many wonderful plants, garden accessories and random stuff.  It was a fun way to spend some time and find unique items.  I was particularly enamored by the greenhouse and garden section.  I am an avid gardener and am always looking for unique plants and accessories.

In 2012, the old Pottery was abandoned in favor of a new strip mall that houses the same goods.  I drove past it the first time since the parking lot was empty.  I parked and looked up the Pottery and found the changes.  I was interested but concerned since half of the parking lot was blocked off and there were no other cars there.  There are two sections divided by a fountain and there is a view of the old grounds behind the fountain.  The old buildings are still in the back and it abandonment reflects the traffic of the new strip mall.  It was disappointing to see the changes and decline.

I spent about an hour going through what was left of the Pottery.  There were various household items, wine, some plants, outdoor accessories and food items.  Approximately 50% of the new buildings are occupied and it is not stocked like the old Pottery whose shelves were overburdened by product and finds.  The new mall has a small percentage of the old Pottery’s stock and lack the abundance of curiosities that were once there.  I bought a delightful little bunny planter for the front porch, but frankly there was little else.   There were only a few other people there and little prospect of more and I don’t see longevity in this venture.  This is one place to skip In Williamsburg.


Williamsburg Pottery Entrance and an empty lot


A shot towards the empty 1/2 of the mall


A few outdoor items


A peak into an empty store


Wine area with empty shelves


Partially stocked



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