Some Down Time at the Hershey Spa and Hotel

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Hershey, Pennsylvania is a delightful little town in the middle of nowhere and smells like chocolate. As you read from my last blog, I love this town and highly encourage a visit.  The first time we visited as a family, we were on our way home from DC and the kids were young…around 4 and 6.  The next time was after we moved to Philadelphia.  We spent Mother’s Day there and it was one of the best since there were very few people in the park and the waits were short for all the major rides.  On our way out, we stopped at Chocolate World.  Alex received a 5 pound chocolate bar…you would have thought it was gold.  The memories are still vivid.  There’s so much to do there including a zoo, an amusement park, surrounding area attractions, and of course, the Hershey spa.

I must say that I’m anxious to go again, even though I was just there for Jo Koy. My gal pal, Susan, has been suggesting a trip and we wanted to go last January, but everything was on standstill due to Covid. We have yet to think about when we want to go back.  My village is busy regrouping and planning as restrictions are easing.  Susan and Her SO, Fritz are going to Charleston, Camille has her annual family trip to Virginia Beach, which I won’t be going to in favor of some down time from my trip. Jimmy and Amanda are headed to Miami this month.  Erika is planning some outings and hasn’t confirmed anything yet.  Alex, Amanda, and I have yet to decide on anything and so forth, and so forth, and so forth.  We are a traveling kind of group.

What I really loved about the Hershey Spa is the pampering. Just take a look at their website. They offer seasonal scents along with their traditional standards. Their year round treatments include Chocolate, Rose Garden, the Cuban Experience, and Country Abundance.  The Cuban Experience includes lime, mint, sugar.  It’s all about the Mojito. Country Abundance is about local milk, honey, and lavender to help soften your skin.  The Spring treatments include milk, honey, herbal meadow botanical, and strawberries.  The other spring scent is the High Point Garden treatment features plants and flowers from the Hershey’s garden mansion of that name.  Personally, I like the Mojito because I smell like lime and mint for two weeks afterwards. I did that scent twice I loved it so much.

First time I went was for a treat for my 50th birthday and I stayed overnight in the Hershey Hotel. I started off my sessions with a soak in Azul. It was relaxing and nice but to be honest with you I don’t think I would do that again. I didn’t feel much from it and I think the inhalation room would have been more beneficial.  It came with the package and I wish I had substituted out something else. After the soak, I waited in the quiet room which has a view of the pool and gardens. It was lovely and I was able to get some reading done.

I was an escorted to a room with a slab type table in the middle and water jet fixtures above. This was for my full body scrub. It first starts with a light brushing all over the body and then each part of the body is scrubbed with Mojito scented sugar. It was the most incredible feeling.  I felt smooth and soft.  After the full body scrub, the full body wrap began. Oh my goodness! I thought the full body scrub was amazing but this was even more so. Your body is slathered in Mojito scented lotion and then wrapped and warmed. My skin never felt softer and the scent of the Mojito was absolutely perfect. This was a four hour package and was a little exhausting as far as waiting. I don’t regret doing it and would do it again.

I had dinner at Harvest which is in walking distance from the hotel and through a beautiful garden. Harvest is a chain restaurant who prides themselves by using local and regional ingredients.  They call themselves Genuine American Cuisine and what I found genuine was their approach to food. I am a huge seafood fan and I remember having a lovely seafood meal of scallops. I remember how thoroughly delicious the scallops were and how well done the dish was. Luckily, there are several harvest restaurants in the area. You can make a reservation on OpenTable.

After dinner, I decided to take a walk in the garden and then head over to the upstairs lounge area.  There is a patio over the front entryway of the hotel that serves as an extension to the lounge area.  It has a view of the amusement park and town below.  I opted for a cocktail and then after a while for coffee which was brought out on a lovely silver tray. The attention to detail is amazing at the Hershey Hotel.  It really is about all the little things that make your visit comfortable and memorable. They earn their awards and return visitors.

I did do it again in 2015 and with my daughter Amanda. Alex declined the invitation and off we went for the day. Hershey is approximately an hour and a half from our home so it was an easy day trip. We spent some time poolside since we arrived early. We had checked in with the spa and their suggestion was to go there until our time. I thought it was a nice indoor pool in that some of the rooms have a little gated patios that opened up to the pool.

We were shown to a changing room and given our white Hershey spa robes for our treatments.  Each expert went through your menu of treatments and make sure we were comfortable, hydrated, and tended to.  We went our separate ways for our first treatments.  This time I skipped the soak and did a full body scrub and wrap once again. Amanda did the full body scrub and a facial.  In between events, we had their buffet lunch which was light and healthy and worth the reservation. We had a nice table in front of a window that overlooked the gardens.

This experience is not for the faint of heart. It is pricey. I truly enjoyed both experiences there and want to return for a third. I have some of the prices listed below and if you have any questions the staff is more than ready and willing to help you.


Everything Chocolate Day Packages

*A 20% service charge will be added to your bill. Treatments must be taken by one (1) person in one (1) day and must be scheduled in advance. No substitutions. Not recommended for guests who are pregnant.

Everything Chocolate Treatments


Indulgent Add-Ons must be paired with one additional treatment or service.


15 min
Mon. – Thu.$45*
Fri. – Sun.$50*


30 min
Mon. – Thu.$80*
Fri. – Sun.$85*


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