Thanksgiving TV: Movies Marathons and Holiday Specials

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The other day the bestie’s daughter asked to play Christmas music.  I put my foot down.  Nope.  Not until after Thanksgiving.  I enjoy the Holiday season and I think if you start too early, it slows down the enjoyment.  I am not a fan of starting the Holidays right after Halloween because it doesn’t give Thanksgiving its due.

I look forward to Thanksgiving and not just because it is a 4 day weekend, but because I am truly thankful for what I have in life and delight in sharing it with family and friends.  I like relaxing, chatting, laughing with friends and family.

Growing up there were very few Thanksgiving shows or movies.  There were Christmas specials starring Andy Williams, Bob Hope, and Bing Crosby, Christmas mass, the Rose Bowl parade, a couple of Hanukkah specials, and some Christmas movies and cartoons all of which were shown once and on a schedule.  If you missed it, you missed it. Now, the season kicks off with Thanksgiving specials and, of course, football.

A lot of retail stores have gone back to the tradition of being closed on Thanksgiving.  Amanda and I would go to the theater to catch a movie and then begin some Midnight shopping since the stores were empty and I would be done with all Christmas giving that night.  I would rather curl up with some movies and popcorn since I refuse to go out early on Black Friday and have since the 90s.

Parade, Reader’s Digest, and Rotten Tomatoes put together a list of Thanksgiving movies

  1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  2. Turkey Drop
  3. The Blindside
  4. You’ve Got Mail
  5. Pieces of April
  6. Holiday In The Wild
  7. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
  8. Sweet November
  9. Addams Family Values
  10. Scent of a Woman
  11. The Ice Storm
  12. The House of Yes
  13. Home for the Holidays
  14. Paul Blart:  Mall Cop
  15. Love Actually
  16. Free Birds
  17. Friendsgiving

Reader’s Digest

  1. Holidaysburg
  2. An Old Fashion Thanksgiving
  3. Little Fockers
  4. Turkey Hollow
  5. Love at The Thanksgiving Day Parade
  6. Rocky
  7. Giant
  8. Krisha
  9. Thankskilling
  10. One True Thing
  11. The Day Trippers
  12. She’s Gotta Have It
  13. The Oath
  14. What’s Cooking
  15. Mistress America
  16. Instant Family
  17. Turkey Bowl

Rotten Tomatoes

  1.  The War At Home
  2. The Myth of Fingerprints
  3. Alice’s Restaurant
  4. Hannah and Her Sisters


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