Sometime Life Just Isn’t Fun… Gotta Grin and Bear It

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Sometimes, I am a klutz.  I tease my daughter that she is the worlds biggest klutz, but I think she comes by it honestly. When she was living at home, I would hear thumping down the steps and then a very clear “I’m OK!”. I knew she was fine.

It has come back to haunt me.  A year and a half ago I slipped down three of my basement steps and landed on a comforter that I had tossed down to wash.  My left side hurt and I hobbled around for a week and then all was well.

Last March, after a trip, my left shoulder started hurting and I was barely able to lift it. My provider sent me to physical therapy and an x-ray. The x-ray showed nothing and off I went to physical therapy to strengthen my arm. From what I understand the ACL pull is very common in women my age. Something all women my age love to hear.

I was finishing up my therapy last August and was walking across the parking lot when my left knee gave out and I was able to walk. The Bestie and I thought it was a sprain and I did everything necessary to take care of the sprain. 10 days later I was turning the corner to go up some steps and it gave out, again, just prior to my trip to Ireland. I went to urgent care and they diagnosed it as a sprain and off I went on our trip with a brace and a wheelchair through the airport. It was what it was.

On my last day in Ireland, I was able to logon into my chart and make an appointment for an orthopedic doctor. Luckily, it was a few days after we got back from Ireland. Off I went. I had an in office x-ray and then was sent to the hospital for an MRI. At the follow up appointment, I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus which needed surgery.  Are you kidding me….

The doctor and I discussed it and he said it could wait since it wasn’t urgent. I chose to wait until the beginning of January since it was after the holidays and there is usually nothing to do because of the weather. I made the appointment for a month before I wanted the surgery, as he suggested.  My date was set for January 5.  Looking at a calendar right now, you’ll know that has passed.

Yup, I had the surgery and it went very well.  Chester County Hospital is honestly the best in the area and the staff was AMAZING!!!  My nurse, Julie, was kind, competent, and so sweet.  I have never had an IV stick that didn’t hurt and she made that happen.  I came home on Wednesday night and it was a tough night.  The next day I started on Aleve and am happy to say that as of Friday have not needed any pain killers or relief.  I will be starting PT and am happy to do so since I am starting to stiffen up even though I am diligently doing the post surgical exercises.

So, here I am trucking around the house with my wheeled walker.  With shut downs, cancellations and the weather, I am in a good place to not be traveling.  By the time, everything clears up, I will be ready to roll and not with a walker, cane, or brace.  Wish me luck!

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