Philly’s Theatre Week 2023: A look ahead

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I love the theater and it’s definitely one of my passions. It has been quite a while since I’ve gone regularly. The pandemic curbed a lot of that activity. We slowly started engaging back into the theater with a few trips to the Walnut Street Theater since I kept my season tickets there. In November of 2021, we were able to see Hamilton and then this summer we saw To Kill a Mockingbird here in Philadelphia and I saw Tina with another friend.  There were a few other shows, too.   We’re slowly getting back into full swing.

While driving into the city, the bestie began scrolling on her phone which knew this would cost me and it did. We decided at that point in time we would split a package at the Kimmel. Definitely one of the best ideas we had. We took a look at the shows and made some decisions.  Mine are Come From Away and Six.  I think I will be exchanging Come From Away for 1776.

          Blue Man Group 

          Come From Away


          Moulin Rouge

          The Lion King

But, I digress. Philly theater is good. Also, we’re only 2 hours from New York City which adds another layer to our theater going.  One great way to theater in Philadelphia is through Theatre Week.  There are free performances as well as $15 and $30 tickets.  It’s a great chance to catch some great productions for a fraction of the regular cost.  Check it out!

Theatre Philadelphia

Save the Date!

The 6th Annual Philly Theatre Week

March 23 – April 2

Theatre Philadelphia hosts Philly Theatre Week: a 10-day celebration of the artists, organizations, and audiences that have made Greater Philadelphia one of the most vibrant theatre regions in the nation. Audiences will have an opportunity to try something new from our theatre community through a series of productions, readings, interactive events, and much more!

Cabaret at Bristol Riverside Theatre


Mar 21 – Apr 16 2023

Disney's Frozen Jr

Disney’s Frozen JR.

Apr 15 – May 7 2023

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Feb 14 – Mar 12 2023

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