It’s Never a Good Time To Say Goodbye: Our Sweet Roscoe is Gone

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It is with a heavy heart that the Christopher family had to say goodbye to their beloved and beautiful boy, Roscoe. He passed away from complications due to cancer and luckily we had an extra year with him. He went quickly and in my arms, hearing me say his name and telling him we loved him.  Even with the extra time to say goodbye, it wasn’t enough.

We had Roscoe since he was a puppy and was with us for 14 short years. It’s never easy to say goodbye and my heart is broken as are the hearts of my kids, Amanda and Alex. He was a loving pet and the most perfect little guy. Beautiful bright, loving and entertaining. He was everything a dog should be. Mr. Happy was my little woolly mammoth,  our marshmallow. I will sorely miss the joy on his face when I would come home and our travel adventures together. It’s hard for us not to see his all out exuberance when we walk in the door. Rest well, our little love.





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