Hurricane Ida Update

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That was an incredible storm.  It’s left parts of Philadelphia and its region in shambles and flooded.  Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey have confirmed 43 deaths and billions of dollars in damage.  Luckily, my family and friends have all check-in as safe.

PLEASE be careful this holiday weekend.  It may look sunny but there are concerns.  Rivers and streams are still subsiding and some roads are closed.  The Norristown train station has fallen into a sinkhole and some parts are still without power. 

Make sure that if you are venturing out this weekend that you check if it is safe to go.  Check the venues, locations, restaurants or performances are still open and operating.  Also make sure that roads and transportation are still functioning.  Take the time to look into what’s going on in the area you want to go to.  Be safe!


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