Haunted Revolutionary Philadelphia

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I was inspired by In Your State’s articles about haunted sites in Pittsburgh.  I found some famous Revolutionary sites which are open as museums for your own haunted tour.  Most of these sites are in the same area with the exception of Fort Mifflin and are easily walkable.  If you feel less inclined to go the DIY route, some of these sites are stops along the Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tour.  I have linked some information about each site on the list with the spirit that is said to haunt them.

  1. American Philosophical Society:  Ben Franklin
  2. Betsy Ross House:  Betsy Ross
  3. Christ Church Burial Gardens:  Benjamin Franklin
  4. Cliveden:  Samuel Chew Jr.
  5. Elfreth’s Alley:  Revolutionary War Soldier
  6. First Bank of the United States:  Alexander Hamilton
  7. Fort Mifflin:  The Screaming Woman
  8. Powel House:  General Lafayette and  Peggy Shippen Arnold

Another tour is through the Montgomery and Chester Countries area which includes Valley Forge.  The site is about Montgomery Country, however there are Chester County sites on the website.

Haunted Montgomery/Chester County

There are a lot more haunted sites in the Philadelphia area.  Have a great time and happy hauntings!!




Top Haunted Attractions in Philadelphia

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