Haunted Philadelphia

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It’s around the corner, my favorite time of year, Fall.  I chuckle at the Facebook multiple choice questions for Fall.  Yes, I want to take a drive to enjoy leaves, have dinner with friends read a book, drink a pumpkin spice coffee and on and on.  It’s a wonderful time of the year and I look forward to the cooler weather!  My kids enjoy haunted sites, well Amanda more than Alex.  Two of their favorites are Pennhurst and The Bates Motel.  It that time of year when the haunted houses and tours are back in action.

Here is a list of the Philadelphia region:

Night Tours at Eastern State Penitentiary
     Select dates: September 18-November 15
     2070 Fairmont Ave., Philadelphia
Fright Factory
     Select dates: September 25-Ocotber 31
     2200 S. Swanson St., Philadelphia
Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride
     Select dates: September 25-November 1
     1835 N. Middletown rd., Glen Mills (near Linvilla Orchards!)
Sleepy Hollow Haunted Acres
     Select dates: September 26-October 31
     881 Highland Rd., Newtown
FallFest & HorrorFest at Shady Brook Farm
     Select dates: October 7-31
     931 Stony Hill Rd., Yardley
Candlelight Ghost Tours at Fort Mifflin
     Select dates: October 9-31
     1 Fort Mifflin Rd., Fort Mifflin
Ghost Tours of Philadelphia
     Dates Vary by Tour
     Signer’s Garden at 5th and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia
Ghost Tours of New Hope
       Dates Vary by Tour
       East Ferry St. and S. Main St, New Hope
Grim Philly Twilight Tours
       Dates Vary by Tour
       Independence Visitor Center 599 Market St., Philadelphia
Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tour
      Dates Vary by Tour
      3rd and Chestnut St., Philadelphia
Here are some of the scariest (Travel and Leisure) in the US:
Miami, Florida
Anaheim, California
Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Leesburg, Virginia
Dade City, Florida
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Sithville, Texas
Plano, Texas
Nashua, New Hampshire
Stranton, Pennsylvania
This location was labeled as the scariest in the world and offers a $20,000 prize:
McKamey Manor in Summertown, Tennessee is not for the faint of heart.  This “attraction” has requirement before you can go into the Manor.
  • You must be 21-years-old,
  • complete a sports physical,
  • pass a drug test,
  • provide proof of medical insurance,
  • be screened via phone or FB Face Time,
  • pass a background check provided by MM,
  • sign a 40-page waiver. FORTY pages
  • and pay an entrance fee of one bag of dog food.

When visiting, guests are required to watch a two hour video called “And Then There Were None” which documents  every visitor between July 2017 and August 2019 who has quite before the end of the experience. Each guest’s entire experience is videotaped to prove that nothing illegal occured in the Manor.  What you can expect?

  • “Each guest will be mentally and physically challenged until you reach your personal breaking point.”
  • “This can be an aggressive experience, and our actors will come in contact with you. You CANNOT in any way return the contact.”
  • Hypnotism is part of the show
  • The experience can take up to 10 hours.

If a guest makes it through the experience, they would receive a $20,000 reward.  No one has ever made it through.  McKamey Manor has been featured on Dark Tourist with David Farrier and Haunters:  Art Of The Scare, a Netflix documentary.

Read More: The World’s Scariest Haunted House Offers a $20,000 Prize | https://khak.com/the-worlds-scariest-haunted-house-offers-a-20000-prize/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral



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