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I really don’t like talking about myself. Ask me about my kids, my friends, school, work and so forth, I’ll talk your ear off. So, here are the basics. I was born to Cuban immigrants. They landed on Miami in 1961. My dad found work in. Cleveland and up north my parents and brother went. I am the first and only US born in my generation (1963). We settled in South Euclid in the early 70’s. In college, I began my love for travel and history.

Growing up, we mostly went to Canada. I was very young when we went to Montreal, so I don’t remember. Most of the trips were to Niagara Falls, local parks and lakes, Cedar Point, Geauga Lake, and Sea World. A little know fact: Ohio hosted a Sea World Park for many years. My first solo trip was to Miami to visit family and I experienced so much in the way of food, culture and the ocean, plus my first visit to Disney. My second trip was to Mexico City and Acapulco with my Mom to visit family. Then there was LA, Las Vegas, DC, Cancun, Paris, Rome, Disney, etc., etc., etc… I grew to love the feel and smell of airports and living out of luggage.

Years later, here I am widowed with 2 adult children and living with my best friend, who is also a travelaholic (you’ll meet her in my blogs). I have friends and family, 3 wonderful pups and a beautiful cat. My kids love to travel and we have traveled together and apart. My story continues….

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