Chirp Peruvian Restaurant – NYC

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Chirp Peruvian Restaurant is on 34th Street near Times Square.  My friend Camille happened to find this on a Google search.  We chose it because of the ratings and the fact that it was around the corner from our hotel.   This place is a little hole in the wall.  It’s clean and pleasant and looks like it’s a family run. There are 6 or so tables inside and 4 outside under roof with plastic walls.


The set up is like fast food, where you go up to the counter, order and they call you when it’s ready. The menu is limited but what they do is really well done and is not fast food; it’s a home cooked meal.   The portions are huge, the prices are right and the food is delicious.  Their specialty is chicken that was tender, moist and very flavorful. Camille had a half chicken with yucca, I had the squash stew with chicken with a side of maduros (ripened and fried plantains) and Susan had the fried rice with egg.  My meal was around $20 with tip. This was the first time I’ve ever had Peruvian food and I will definitely go back.









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