Hurricane Ida Update

That was an incredible storm.  It’s left parts of Philadelphia and its region in shambles and flooded.  Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey have confirmed 43 deaths and billions of dollars in damage.  Luckily, my family and friends have all check-in as safe. PLEASE be careful this holiday weekend.  It may look sunny but thereContinue reading “Hurricane Ida Update”

Amtrak Connects US

I have always admired European train travel.  I have jumped trains in Italy and taken the train between London and Paris with my kids.  We all sat on the train speeding through the Chunnel while reading and viewing the countryside.  When we went to Italy for Christmas in 2015, we had lunch in Florence afterContinue reading “Amtrak Connects US”

Valley Forge’s Cave of Bone

I am a transplant from the Midwest and am Cleveland born and bred.  One of my favorite pastimes there was the exploration of historical sites and personal narratives.  I have lived in the Philadelphia area for 11 years and still marvel at how lucky I am to live here.  It’s such a unique area withContinue reading “Valley Forge’s Cave of Bone”

Valley Forge’s Civil War Past

It seems like there is so much to learn about the Philadelphia area. My muse, in the form of my SO, has been here all his life. He grew up in Philadelphia and then moved to King of Prussia at the tender age of 18 before the huge developments took over in the form ofContinue reading “Valley Forge’s Civil War Past”

Abandoned WWII POW camps

I am shocked.  I was researching some sites for future trips and tours when I stumbled across some interesting locations at  Some I had seen before but most I hadn’t and the one that caught my eye was the Camp Michaux/Pine Grove Furnace Prisoner of War Interrogation Camp in Michaux State Forest in Fayetteville,Continue reading “Abandoned WWII POW camps”