Bringing Asian Home with Seonkyoung Longest

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Seonkyoung Longest is one of my favorite YouTubers.  She is a self taught home cook from Seoul, Korea.  After coming to this country, she spent time learning how to cook using the Food Network as a guide.  She won Robert Irvine’s cooking competition, Restaurant Express, in 2013.    She then became executive chef at Jayde Fuzion, a Las Vegas eatery.  She left after 4 months, to focus on her YouTube channel, Asian at Home.  Recently, she has turned to a plant based diet.

Her official website is  What I appreciate about her site is the recipe section has the recipe and video.  Also, she answers questions.   Seonkyoung has also included a pantry section with links the products to Amazon.  She is easy to follow and the guesswork for ingredients is gone. There are videos that explain how to build a pantry conducive to cooking Asian at home.  I have included a section of Philadelphia Asian grocery stores in the Philadelphia section.  You can find her on all social media platforms, including Pinterest.

I like watching her videos and have tried several of her recipes.   I tried her ramen egg recipe and the only problem I had was finding the dashi stock, which I did find at Wegmen’s.  After, trying the recipe with the dashi, I can say I was not a fan of the flavor.  I prefer them without it.  Another recipe I tried was the chicken karaage.  This was absolutely amazing and introduced me to Japanese mayo.  If you have not tried it, I recommend it.  It is a darker yellow and the flavor is richer than regular mayo.

Here are a few recipes to bring some of the flavors from Korea and the Phillipines home.

Korean Hearty Breakfast:

The Origins of Street Food:


This Soba Noodle Went Viral In Korea

Filipino Spaghetti for Christmas

If you like Asian cooking, do yourself a favor and look Seonkyoung up.  Her recipes are worth the time.

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