A little More Presidential with Eisenhower in Abilene, Kansas

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I much prefer driving trips because there are so much to see along the way. I don’t mind flying to location find wanna concentrate on one thing and I am on a limited time budget. With Colorado, it was a case of driving because I’ve never gone through some of the states like Kansas. We ended up stopping at the Eisenhower presidential library and Museum. That was a real experience because we were able to expose Jimmy to his first presidential site. It’s in a lovely little town called Abilene, Kansas.

I had not realized that there was a presidential site in Abilene, Kansas. If it were not for the billboards, I would’ve missed it like I did a couple other sites because this blogger did not do her homework on presidential slice because I was more interested in what I was going to do in Colorado Springs. Lesson learned.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States. This site is his presidential library, Museum, and boyhood home. The home is where he lived in from 1898 to 1911. He is also buried there.

Dwight Eisenhower was born in Denison, Texas in 1890. His family background is German/Pennsylvania Dutch. He came from a devout family and his mother was a Jehovah’s Witness. Eisenhower did not join a formal religion until 1952. He lived in Abilene Texas from 1898 to 1911. In 1911 he went to West Point and graduated in 1915.

After graduation, he continued his military career. He served during World War I, but not in Europe. In 1941, the chief the rank of brigadier general.  During World War II, he oversaw the invasion of Sicily, North Africa, France, and Germany.  After the war, he served as Army Chief of Staff, president of Columbia University, and the first Supreme Commander of NATO.  His distinguished military career let him into politics.

Eisenhower was not only a distinguished politician but he distinguished military hero. He cheats the distinction of five star general, which is quite rare. He ran for President as a Republican against Senator Taft. He did so to stop Taft’s agenda, which included posing NATO and opposing foreign entanglements. He won both elections in landslide against Addely Stevenson. He served as president from 1953 to 1961.

Most of Eisenhower’s platform included stopping the spread of communism and reducing the federal deficit, which was called the New Look Policy. Some of what Eisenhower is known for during his presidency are:

  • The expansion of social security
  • He continued Wilson’s New Deal policies
  • Continued Harry S. Truman’s policy of recognizing Taiwan as the legitimate government of China, which resulted in The Formosa Resolution
  • Condemned the Israeli, British, and French invasion of Egypt and he forced them to withdraw
  • He opposed McCarthyism and worked to end it
  • He signed The Civil Rights Act of 1957
  • Authorized the establishment of NASA
  • Authorized the Bay of Pigs Operation
  • Established the National Defense Education Act
  • Sent Army troops to enforce federal court orders which integrated schools in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Established the Interstate Highway System
  • Supported regime-changing military coups in Iran and Guatemala executed by his own administration
  • Admitted Alaska and Hawaii to the union
  • Was the first president under the Former Presidents Act
  • Appointed 5 Supreme Court Justices



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