A Delightful and Refreshing Tea Time in EPCOT’s Morocco Pavilion

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Bob, Steve, and I are tea lovers. Bob is especially fond of tea and brews his own in a Chinese clay pot every afternoon. It is a process and a ritual that he enjoys. Our day at EPCOT was hot and crowded for late fall.  There were people everywhere and restaurants and food stands were busy.  When we tired of dodging the crowds in EPCOT, we decided to have some tea. I had recently read in a Disney blog (I wish I could remember which one) that the restaurant in the Moroccan pavilion that is on the lake is usually not as busy as the one in the marketplace. So, I made a quick WDW reservation and off we went to Spice Road Table.

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I cannot tell you how many times I have walked by this restaurant and not noticed it. It is tucked into a small marketplace on the lake and has a henna tattoo and merchandise stand. The entrance is not obvious and the food board helps make it a little easier to find.  The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. We were seated immediately since the restaurant only had two other groups. We had a lovely view of the lake and Spaceship Earth. I appreciate of the layout of the restaurant since most of the tables had this lovely view. The tables weren’t crammed in and were quite comfortable. Our service was immediate and excellent. He was talkative, attentive, but not overbearing or dismissive.

Bob ordered the green mint (Atay), which I regretfully passed on since I am not a fan of mint.  Our waiter brought an round silver tray with an elaborate silver teapot and several beautiful glasses. The tea had been steeping and was ready to pour. Our server picked up the pot and held the lid down. He hovered the part above the glass and began to pour. As he poured more into the glass he lifted the pot up so that it would rain into the beautiful glass.

The tea was spectacular and unexpected.  Gratefully, Bob offered me a glass. The mint was light and refreshing and the green tea was a perfect foundation for it. The tea also mixed well with the appetizer platter and dessert platter that we ordered. It did not overwhelm the savory part of our afternoon tea and complemented the desserts beautifully.  Unfortunately, when we cruised the market, most of it was closed and I was unable to shop for the equipment.  Fortunately, Amazon has several options.  There are links to separate items and a full set for you to look at.

I am now a huge fan and have sought a way to bring it home. Luckily, YouTube has some great tutorials and mint is readily available in the grocery store along with a green tea. Most of the recipes I have seen online use gunpowder green tea which is readily available on Amazon.  There are two loose leaf teas listed below and have the highest ratings.  Davidson’s Gunpowder Green Tea has a 4.6 with 27, 293 ratings and FGO Organic Gunpowder Green tea has a 4.6 with 64, 802 ratings.  Either one would be an excellent choice.  I urge you to try this one out!


Dolmas – Grape Leaves filled with Rice and Herbs, Marinated Olives, Charred Lemon – $9.00

Fried Calamari – served with Rémoulade and Harissa Sauce – $12.00

Grilled Lamb Kefta – served with Tzatziki, Radish, Cherry Tomato Confit – $12.00

Hummus Fries– served with Citrus Chipotle and Preserved Lemon – $10.00

Naan Spreads– Hummus, Chermoula, Marinated Olives, Za’atar – $10.00

Pomegranate-Chili Crispy Cauliflower -Red Pepper Aleppo Sauce – $11.00

Spice Road Table Sampler– Lamb Kefta, Tzatziki, Spiced Chicken, Tiropitakia – $15.00

Spiced Chicken- Ras el Hanout, Mint Yogurt – $11.00

Spicy Shrimp – Chili, Garlic, Peri Peri Sauce – $12.00

Tiropitakia– Cheese-filled Phyllo, Cucumber-Tomato Relish – $9.00


Dessert Platter– Assorted Moroccan Pastries – $9.00


Casa Lager – Morocco — $9.25

Coca-Cola® Classic, Sprite®, or Orange Soda – – $4.29

Estrella Damm – Spain– – $9.75

Iced Mint Tea– with Bombay Sapphire Gin – $13.00

Iced Mint Tea or Regular Iced Tea– – $4.29

Maeloc Strawberry Hard Cider – Spain– – $10.25

Mahiarita– Mahia Fig Brandy, Agave, Lime Juice, Sumac Salt, and Pomegranate Seeds – $14.00

Medina Mixer– Starr African Rum, Van der Hum Tangerine Liqueur, and Cranberry Juice – $14.00

Mimosa – Choice of Hibiscus, Pomegranate, or Blood Orange – $12.00

Moroccan Hot Tea Service– – $4.29

Moroccan Mule– Figenza Fig Vodka, Ginger Beer, Agave, and Lime – $14.00

Premium Sparkling Water– – $4.25

Sahara Spritz– Ketel One Botanical Cucumber and Mint Vodka, Soda Water, and Lime – $14.00

Tusker Pale Lager – Africa – – $9.25

WDW Info Picture
WDW Info Picture

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