Update: Camp Michaux (abandoned WWII POW camps)

I decided to take some detours on my way to Knoxville, Tennessee. My BFF, Bob, lives there and we are heading down to the Orlando area for a bit of theme park time. I decided to stop at Camp Michaux on the way and I must say I’m glad I did. The GPS headed meContinue reading “Update: Camp Michaux (abandoned WWII POW camps)”

October is Dark Tourism month and the Field of Screams experience

I am kicking off October with a series of October related travel.  There is a whole industry related to dark tourism which caught my attention with the Netflix series Dark Tourist.  Dark Tourism is related to death and tragedy but has been expanded to include the historical value to certain sites.  This is not everyone’sContinue reading “October is Dark Tourism month and the Field of Screams experience”

City Tavern Philadelphia and City Tavern Cookbook Review

I loved this place.  Past tense.  This wonderful establishment closed last November due to the pandemic.  Yet, another casualty and I am sorry to see it gone. City Tavern sits near Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Museum of the American Revolution.  Its location was in the center of the Nation’s first capital and,Continue reading “City Tavern Philadelphia and City Tavern Cookbook Review”

Renaissance Faires

I have been attending Renaissance Faires for almost 30 years.  We discovered our first one while living in the suburbs of Chicago.  The Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, Wisconsin still holds the top spot for me.  It is an amazing site with artisans, food and flare.  My favorite entertainer is MooNiE (https://themoonieshow.com/) who performs asContinue reading “Renaissance Faires”

Bacon Around the World and Atlantic View B&B at the Cliffs of Moher

While in Ireland, I enjoyed wonderful meals.  I am conscious that some drinks and foods have different names and cooking methods and cuts.  I ask questions.  At our first meal, Fitzpatrick’s, I asked how should I order a Coke type drinks knowing that soda might be mistaken for a drink additive and pop might getContinue reading “Bacon Around the World and Atlantic View B&B at the Cliffs of Moher”

The Cliffs of Moher

Dublin is beautiful.  Lush, green and pastoral.  I truly enjoyed driving around the coast and wish I had more time to explore the South and the interior.  The history is amazing, the people are kind and the scenery incredible.  One of my favorite places was the Cliffs Of Moher.  It was spectacular. Unfortunately, with myContinue reading “The Cliffs of Moher”

The Grand Canyon of the East

Pine Creek Gorge is nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the East.  Pine Creek is a 47-mile gorge carved into the Allegheny Plateau by the Pine Creek River.  Tioga State Forest is a 160,000 acre area in north-central Pennsylvania. The canyon begins south of Ansonia/Wellsboro paralleling U.S. Route 6 and continues south to the Susquehanna RiverContinue reading “The Grand Canyon of the East”